More "wide angle over saturated pictures of the countryside"

Especially for one of our "fans" who sent us the comment - "Nice pics - bit samey though - wide angle over saturated shots of the countryside" !!!!

Well its a living!

So just for "Anonymous" heres more of the same.


Response from (presumably) the same "anonymous"
"You need a better blog system --- rescaled pics looks horrible here. By the way, some photos here looks improperly cropped too---I mean good crop won't make people aware of the cropping. Some of them are redundant. The biggest problem is that I can't feel emotions in the photos you posted. Maybe you do that on purpose."

Improperly cropped?? Redundant?? "Can't feel emotions??
Do people have any realisation of the incomprehensible drivel they write. We just usually consign this rubbish to the bin, but enough is enough.
To Mr. Anonymous - If you don't like what you see here then there is a simple solution. GO AWAY!


Well "Anonymous" didn't go away.

"Comments is always zero. I don't see there are too many fans here.
Top-notch gears, average photos, bravo pro!"

Persistent little devil isn't he/she? Seems to have a masochistic bent also, having to tolerate such average photos. Is that an improvement on "wide angle over saturated shots of the countryside"?

Images, righteous indignation and now bemused - D & A