GH1 Nikon 50mm f1.2

Since the Leica X1 is a fixed lens camera I have been looking around for a camera/lens combination to offer a longer lens option, to take out as a second camera. Over the weekend I tried the Samsung NX10 fitted with the 50-200mm zoom. While this combination worked in terms of image quality it was somewhat large and unwieldy, and often ended up in a tangle of straps.

Yesterday I tried a series of test with various lenses on a GH1. Of all the combinations tried the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 manual focus lens gave the best results. It is also the fastest lens by some distance and the closest focusing. Its not light but in combination with the X1 made for an easily carried combination. I can't remember ever trying this combination before. I used the 50mm with a G1 extensively, and with the GH1 for video, but never for stills.

The clincher was this somewhat messy panorama below that provided an extremely sharp and detailed 85MB file. A real world test is called for. Particularly to overcome the problem of the restricted dynamic range of micro four thirds.

In order to prevent burn-out of highlights I may have to shoot a little darker than I like. I have been experimenting with spot metering highlights and seeing if I can make the image lighter in raw conversion without creating unacceptable noise.

Hopefully I will be able to achieve satisfactory dynamic range results with this combination since the image quality is excellent.