Eco Nonsense

Samsung NX10 50-200mm zoom lens

I was told many years ago by a picture library owner that they didn't carry many pictures of landscapes with oilseed rape in them because they didn't sell. Newspapers and magazines wouldn't publish them as when they did they got a string of complaints. I remember when these yellow fields started to proliferate across the country, there were dire warnings about how they would repel birds and insects. It appears that this last fear is unfounded, and in fact the opposite happens. Oilseed rape fields attract more birds and insects.

Leica X1

In the UK there is a natural conservatism towards change and the environment. There are cries of "anti-nature" from people about genetically modified food and nuclear power. Often from the same people who are prepared to let countries like Nigeria disappear under an oil slick to provide fuel for their 4x4's. There is also an assumption that "nature is our friend" Its not, its just nature, and will just as likely kill us as cure us. There are also "evil scientists" and "malevolent multi-nationals" out to rid us of our money and health in order to enhance their reputations and make profits. Funny how the more chemicals we ingest, the less "natural" our lives, the more healthier we get and the longer we live. People seem to forget that leprosy, malaria and the black death are "natural" and existed long before we started to manipulate the environment.

I'm an ex-member of Greenpeace. There was a time when I was convinced by many things that they said. But their constant desire to return us to some modern day feudal society, where nobody moves more than 5 miles from where they were born and has to spend their whole life knitting clogs by candlelight never really appealed to me. (OK I'm exaggerating!) The final straw was when they had a spokeswoman who lived in France and "commuted" to the UK on a regular basis. If ever there was a case of "Do what I say, not what I do" that was it. When Jonathon Porritt then went off to work for Prince Charles (a man who flies off to enviromental conferences in a private jet!!!) I became almost apoplectic in my opposition to this cosy, class-riddled, "know your place" vision of the world, promoted by a series of millionaire drones with too much time on their hands. (Moving your money to some tax haven can't take that long!!) Add in the fact that the "environmental lobby" has stated very clearly that its aim is to shock and over-estimate the dangers (and lie through its teeth it seems) and you have a situation where when the wolf really does appear we will ignore it as just another cry from a bunch of "tree huggers"

Samsung NX10 50-200mm zoom lens

Anyway back to oilseed rape! There are many threats to our environment, and often from sources who are supposedly there to protect it. Seen some farms these days? Many make the local rubbish tip seem attractive. As someone who lives in the countryside I am as concerned as anyone about what we may loose if we don't have some belief in trying to avoid harming our environment. However this has to be achieved without distortion and misrepresentation, and some proper studies and facts in place of hyperbole and propaganda wouldn't go amiss.

I certainly see no harm in these bright yellow fields that liven up often drab landscapes.

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Images by D & A
Taken using a Leica X1 and a Samung NX0 + 50-200 zoom