Personal Work

The Samsung NX10 fitted with the 30mm F2 lens is currently being taken everywhere. Its light, small and with its 14MP 40MB file output, provides excellent quality. An unexpected free 90 minutes, in the proximity of the River Avon provided a chance for a walk along the river bank. Taking the camera along also meant the opportunity for some pictures, though the light was a bit gloomy, with occasional short sunny breaks.

There is a freedom and a simplicity that working with only one prime lens gives. By concentrating on finding subject matter that "fits" the lens rather than choosing the lens that fits the subject matter, a creative rather than recording process takes over. In a situation like this, there is no brief, no shot list, just an opportunity to create pictures as and when they occur.

Many working photographers talk about "personal work" This can mean many things. In our case this is an opportunity to record what we see, try out techniques and explore the equipment we have with us.