PC users look away!

The past few days have been taken up with the tasks of checking out replacement printers, sorting out leads and changing computers. This involved deciding what to keep and transfer to the new machine. 1000's of emails needing to be either deleted or filed. Odd bits of software lurking away suddenly sprang into life "Oh thats what that does!" Lots of disentangling wires, synchronising disks and general IT spring cleaning. This is still an ongoing task but in the middle of all this we made a dash to our local place of worship (well for one of us) otherwise known as the Apple Store in the Touchwood centre in Solihull.

After genuflecting to the new shiny metal artefacts and worshipping at the "genius bar" (are they serious?) we took confession for the first time in ages. "Have you sinned?" "Yes I have used Windows 7 and I have been to PC World" "You are forgiven, but re-read the Jobs keynote speech 3 times and DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!! or you will indeed go blind.'

Is PC/Mac fanboyism worse than camera brands? Probably not but its still pretty rampant. As operating system agnostics we aren't quite sure what all the fuss is about, however there is no denying the aesthetic appeal of Apple products. Though an excursion to the basement of John Lewis, while extra ram was being fitted, proved that PC manufacturers have finally realised that people might actually want something that looks good in addition to performing well, so its not quite the difference that it was.

We left the store with a new i7 iMac plus a copy of Final Cut Express for the one of us who really has to stop using iMovie and GET SERIOUS!

Those of us that have been using these new intel processors for a while have been singing their praises for some time and a few hours on the iMac confirmed that these quad-core chips are indeed very speedy. It was always the intention to replace the previously aging iMac when Photoshop CS5 arrived. Overall this is going to speed up workflow quite significantly.

Some other first impressions. The new "Snow Leopard" operating system is a joy. It only occupies 19 GB and seems very efficient and "non-bloated" though the new version of Quicktime is a little strange.The OS also only costs £25.00. Microsoft take note. Other little pluses - The imacs 1TB disks "real" capacity is 999.68 GB so at last an (almost) genuine 1TB disk. The "magic mouse" is excellent. Nicely weighty and a pleasure to use. The screens on iMacs get bigger but the keyboards get smaller. This one is the smallest yet. Not to everybody's taste, but it is perfectly formed. Also its so nice to buy a product that you don't have to assemble. There's not much in the box. It takes a few minutes to plug in the mains lead, position the keyboard and mouse, switch it on, type in your name and its ready to go.

However there is one thing that this iMac possesses above all that almost makes it worth the ludicrous amount of money that Apple charge for it. The 27" screen is truly spectacular. Sharp, clear, with superb colour and contrast. Mac screens work straight out of the box. They very rarely need calibrating, this one didn't, and they will probably look exactly the same 2 years down the line. iMacs are really a screen with a computer added on and the all-one simplicity is very appealing. This new i7 performs as well (or better) than a desktop so its now style AND content. We will be spending a substantial part of our life camped in front of it, so its a good job its both an excellent addition to our workforce and an aesthetically appealing enhancement to our environment.

Now that MacPro looked really nice........................

Below a couple of Panoramas created using the super fast processors.