The long and winding road

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If you believe the media, the western world is split into two kinds of people. Those who waddle between the fridge and the sofa and are setting new limits as to how big you can make a pair of elasticated tracksuit bottoms and those stick insects who run a marathon before having a breakfast of a raisin and 4 grains of organic rice.

Like many normal (i.e. not on television) people however we believe in healthy diets and exercise, while declining the pleasure of snorkeling the entire length of the amazon wearing only a swimming costume and an iPod.

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You may have noticed that the bulk of images posted on this blog are taken outdoors in usually scenic surroundings. Often this will include a footpath, canal towpath or road in the image.

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As is apparent by now, many of these images are shot as picture library or stock images, but its more than that. We actually love being out on some footpath or track and can think of nothing better than getting paid for wandering the highways and byways of the British or European countryside and coastline. Its a rotten job but somebody has to do it.

Pentax K7 18-55 Zoom

True there is a question of degree here. The youngest and fittest of us thinks nothing of pounding the length of the Offas Dyke long distance footpath, or walking the ridge of the Malvern Hills and back before descending to a scenic hostelry for a pint or few of "Old shepherds socks" or some other tasty beverage. Those of us who are on the steady road to decline take a more sedate approach but still manage to clock up enough miles to relish a hot bath and an early night.

Leica M9 Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 Ultron.

People become photographers for many reasons. Some to photograph their families, others to document the world around them. Many like to record the places they have been and to try to capture and preserve the pleasure of being out in the landscape. Some travel the globe in search of the spectacular and unique. Others develop a relationship with their local area, often in the process rediscovering some of their roots.

Leica M9 Zeiss 21mm F2.8 Biogon

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Leica M9 Zeiss 21mm F2.8 Biogon

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Leica M9 Zeiss 21mm F2.8 Biogon

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Leica M9 Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 Ultron

While not advocates for comparing painting and photography, we would recommend the work "A year in Yorkshire" by the artist (and sometime photographer) David Hockney.

Though working in a different medium, his transformation of the familiar, the commonplace and the unnoticed into works of art can give inspiration to us all.