Samsung NX10 - A sort of review.

I really like this camera.


Colour. Very saturated.
Nice layout and design.
The AMOLD screen is very sharp.
Has a "big camera" feel in a small body.
High ISO noise performance is excellent.
Great resolution and sharpness in the images.
Both kit zooms are excellent performers.
30mm f2 pancake is a superb lens.
Very low levels of CA and fringing.
Jpgs are excellent.
Video is very sharp.
Its not (that) expensive.
Feels very well put together - even though 100% plastic apparently.
Looks and feels much better in reality than in the pictures of it.
Adapters for legacy lenses becoming available.
The leather case I bought for my GF1 fits it!!


No raw software for mac!!!!!!
Lens roadmap very limited - No super wide angle planned.
Video has lots of CA and fringing, unlike the stills which is odd.

My sort it out LIST.

Software for Mac. This is disgraceful.
Lens wider than 18mm.
Articulated screen would be nice.
Clean up video and add full HD.
Add mic input.

Things to be aware of.

The kit lenses are bigger than m4/3. If you are expecting lenses like the Lumix G and Olympus, then think again. The 55-200 is BIG. I got out of the car with it yesterday and the first person who passed me said "Wow thats a serious camera. You must be able to take pictures of the mountains of the moon with that"
So you probably get the idea that its not small and unobtrusive. Stick this on your camera and you won't suffer from lens size envy. Having said that its actually reasonably light and most important of all its a cracking lens.(I much prefer it to the Lumix 45-200 I had briefly) I'm becoming quite addicted to it.

I have now got the 30mm pancake on order and it is very light and small. This does give a real
compact option.

This system isn't really a m4/3 equivalent. Its much more like a smaller, lighter DSLR.
It certainly doesn't feel anything like like a compact camera, with the zoom lenses fitted, but works as a nice small outfit with the 30mm f2 pancake.

The colour is VERY saturated. You can dial it down, but the default setting is extremely punchy. I'm a saturation junkie & love it - but not everybody else is - so be warned.

Comparison with m4/3.

The inevitable question. As I've indicated I think its a different kind of system. Unless you just use the camera + pancake lens its non-pocketable (should you want that) and the zoom lenses for the system are obviously not going to be small. It is however a lot lighter that your average DSLR.
I must admit I prefer using it to my m4/3 cameras as it feels much more solid. I've always had this feeling about the fragility of some of the m4/3 kit, particularly the lenses. I've just sold my 7-14mm lumix zoom. Great lens but it always felt very vulnerable with that huge exposed bulbous front element. I've had great results with m4/3 but I've always felt there was an insubstantial quality to much of it. Consequently I was always extremely careful with the cameras and especially the lenses, and tended to handle it with caution.
Picking up the Samsung gives a reassuringly solid feel. It may fall to pieces within days, who knows, but it does feel like a serious photographic tool. I prefer handling it to the 550D for example, which does great things but can in no way be described as having anything other than basic build quality.


As I said I like this camera, actually I really, REALLY like this camera. Following on from the 550D I've got the feeling that camera manufacturers are finally giving me what I want. Both of these cameras speed up my workflow, as I don't have to spend forever in front of a computer screen getting the look I want.
Its an old cliche, but the NX10 really does have a "film look" I shot colour transparency film almost exclusively and have longed for digital cameras to give me that kind of result. I did shoot Fuji Velvia pushed one stop, so those of you who remember that film will realise just how much I love colour saturation and high contrast. This camera and the Leica M9 both give me a digital version of that.
However as I've said, this is not to everybody's taste, so if you are unsure then I would suggest that you give it a try before you come to any decision.

As ever this is personal commentary and not intended to influence or criticise others personal preferences.