Panasonic at Focus on Imaging Show

Some pictures and video from the Panasonic stand at the Focus on Imaging show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Apologies for the shaking and the "focus-hunting"
Shot with a GF1 + 20mm f1.7

Click on the YouTube link to view in 720p HD.

The touch screen is actually better in reality than the description indicates.
As Phil commented
"I was initially sceptical about the touch screen but having seen a demo on Youtube I can see how it could be useful especially with the articulated screen, the ability to drag focus points and then fire the shutter with a tap has an appeal for me"
We'd pretty much go along with that.

Panasonic G2
Like the blue colour - its a darker blue with a slight purple tinge
which looks good.
Panasonic 14mm f2.5 pancake, 100-300 zoom, 8mm fisheye
The 14mm pancake is now f2.5. Maybe it can keep on evolving and magically turn into a 12mm f1.4.
Panasonic G2

Panasonic G2
Panasonic rep. indicated that G2 may start at same price point as G1
when that was introduced. So £600 + kit lens. Though he did say that
was a guess on his part.
Panasonic G2
There were lots of samples at the show, unfortunately most had no power.

Panasonic 14mm f2.5 pancake, 100-300 zoom, 8mm fisheye

The 100-300 zoom looked a bit smaller than we were expecting, at least when not extended. The fisheye looks really sexy!

Panasonic G10

Panasonic G10
Panasonic rep told us that the 14-42mm was created to lower the manufacturing costs of the G10 package to make it cheaper. The G10 felt very similar to G2 & G1 etc. It may be lighter but thats not obvious.

GF1 Leica 90mm f2.5
Leica 90mm f2.5 on a GF1. Very attractive but expensive combination.

Panasonic 14mm f2.5 pancake, 100-300 zoom, 8mm fisheye

These definitely looked finished - Panasonic rep had no idea when they would be
on sale.

Overall the Panasonic stand was extensive and very well stocked. The whole thing was very well presented. However it was fairly quiet. This may have been the time we were there but at the same time the Nikon and Canon stands were absolutely packed. At the whole show we only spotted two other photographers other than us carrying m4/3. Lots and lots of Canon and some Nikon.

We expected to have to wait to get to see the new cameras but it was surprisingly easy.

Finally - comment overheard from one Nikon owner to another, who was contemplating looking at the Panasonics. "Don't bother, you'll be disappointed by the results. Buy a new bag instead"



Just as a contrast - lenses for "real men" on the Canon stand.

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