Micro four thirds.

With all my excitement about the NX10 and 550D you may be thinking that I've abandoned m4/3.

Nothing is further from the truth. I've had a good talk with myself about this guilt I feel about owning too many cameras and lenses and have put a stop to ebay fever.

I have sold my E-P2 kit, 14-140 zoom and 7-14 zoom.
I was very fond of the E-P2 but I really could't justify a GF1, NX10 and that. Despite the limitations of the viewfinder I do prefer the GF1.
I used the 14-140 rarely, mostly for video and while its a great lens its too slow to use indoors.
I keep wondering if I made the right choice concerning the 7-14. My instinct was to keep it, as it is a great lens, but I was getting more and more concerned about the build quality and the exposed front element.
Its not cheap & the constant worry of a stray stone rendering it worthless was getting to me.
I'm much happier with the 10-22 I have for my 550D, as it takes protection filters and feels like it can withstand some serious use.

So its down to the GH1, GF1, 20mm f1.7 and 45mm f2.8 lenses plus adapters for my Nikons and Voigtlanders.