Leica M9 High ISO and Lightroom Comparison

This is a test I shot showing the Leica M9 at settings from ISO 800-2500.
The shots on the left are the unaltered camera jpgs and the shots on the right are after processing in the new Lightroom 3 Beta 2 version.

Please note this is how I would use the noise reduction parameters. They are pretty close to the default settings, however others may prefer less luminance "smoothing"
This is what I would use for sending images off to library websites, and is intended as a test for myself rather than an objective review.

One thing did occur to me because I think all the settings are better than I remember. These are taken using the new
firmware which may (or may not) have included a tweak for higher ISO's.

These are full size images with no cropping. They were taken in natural light indoors, hand held with a Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 Ultron at F2.8, which is intended to replicate the conditions under which I would use these settings.

Must say I was pleased with the results.

The file on flickr is a large one. Feel free to download it and view it in your preferred software.

Leica M9 high ISO lightroom test