New Kit

Its interesting how different people react to new kit. Some rush in, can't wait to get their hands on it, find it stimulating and offering creative possibilities. Some dither, weighing up the pro's and cons and like to integrate it as slowly as possible without disrupting what's already there.

I find how I react depends on the kit. I'm very much in the second group when it comes to computer equipment and IT. It takes me ages to change equipment and software and I often put up with less than ideal equipment for longer than I should just to avoid the hassle of having to change.

With cameras however, I'm the complete opposite. Several times I have been the first to order cameras in the UK. I've taken "early adopting" to new levels!!

I've probably got these the wrong way round. Since I spend way more time in front of the computer, having a bang up to date system would save me lots more time and result in a far more efficient workflow. But hey, nobody's perfect! And that does sound suspiciously like common sense.

I've always been wary of common sense. I have this somewhat distorted view that says,
Common sense = Dull, therefore non-creative. Flaky = Exciting, therefore creative. Since I value my creativity above all else, I cultivate flaky!!! Make sense? No of course it doesn't, but I include it so that you may understand some of the inconsistencies in these daily ramblings.

So where is this going? Oh yes - getting really excited about the Canon 550D. Those of you have read any of my comments on Canon previously may be experiencing a bout of eyebrow raising.
I hesitate to repeat some of my comments about the brand, but lets just say it hasn't been flattering.

So why all the enthusiasm now? Well mainly because of the spec/price ratio of the thing. I cannot see how it can fail to be an incredibly successful camera. It offers an enormous amount in terms of still photography and especially video, and at a price point that has had many people picking their jaws off the floor. My talents as a business analyst and predictor in the photographic market are somewhat erratic (thats wrong most of the time!) but this camera must surely signal a change. Think what Canon have crammed into this thing - 18MP, Excellent High ISO performance, Serious Video capability. All for £800.

We (D & B) spent yesterday afternoon watching all the promo videos on the 550D and were particularly impressed by the video footage the thing can produced. Have Canon solved the rolling shutter/jello effect?
Its obviously too early to say, but from some of the footage we saw, they might well have done just that.

So its going to be an impatient wait for it to arrive.

These are some images taken with the 500D - A camera I liked in terms of image quality, but not in terms of build and video capability. I hope that Canon have kept that excellent, punchy somewhat non-Canon look, to the images that I liked so much. I know that the 550D is going to look and feel "plasticky" but you can't have everything. ?????

Words - D
Pictures - D & A

As ever this is a personal commentary and is not intended to influence or criticise others personal preferences.

"This is a blog, not a novel"- Philip Bloom