Morning Sales

One of the first things I do every morning is check my overnight sales on the various websites who sell my work.
I was interested to see what I'd used to take some of these images. I picked the last 5 images sold.

Nikon D300 18-55mm zoom lens Multi- Stitch Panorama

Sigma SD14 10-20 zoom

Nikon D700 Zeiss MF 18mm

Panasonic Lumix G1 14-45 Zoom

Pentax 645 200mm F4 lens Fuji Velvia 50 (pushed 1 stop) - Scan

So, a complete variety.

I no longer own any of the cameras or lenses I took these images with.
However as I have said before, I'm pretty unsentimental about cameras. Whatever works for me at the time is what I use.

What is really important is the flood of memories that come back. Driving round a corner on a country lane in Devon and seeing a huge field of wheat spread out before me. Seeing the skies finally lift on a damp, dull day in Scotland and the island of Mull appear from the gloom.

There's a somewhat cruel and crude description of the difference between an "amateur" and "professional" photographer. "If your house is on fire, what do you attempt to rescue? The amateur grabs their camera, the professional their photographs."

Not my phrase, I hasten to add, but from an extremely well-known wildlife photographer, who shall be nameless. However it makes the point. I could survive having all my cameras destroyed or stolen (I have in fact had the latter happen to me) but I couldn't survive the loss of my images.

Just thought I'd pop that in for the person who reviewed this blog on the internet by saying:-
"Nice pictures, but focuses on the technical aspects and equipment"

Words - D
Pictures - D & A