Year Zero

With the new year, I've been taking the opportunity to review the equipment and work out some projections about use, areas of work and replacements.
In many ways its been a tumultuous year, with lots of changes and new areas and new ways of working. When I look at where I was, 1 year ago, there have been some serious changes.
In January 2009, I was working almost 100% as a travel and stock library photographer, using DSLR's. I checked out my equipment back then and its very revealing.
Nikon D3X and D700. Lenses included:- 70-200 f2.8, 24-120 zoom, 70-300 zoom, 35-70 f2.8.
Canon 5D and 5D Mk II. Lenses included:- 24-105 zoom, 28-135 zoom, 50mm f1.2.
All of the above had battery grips plus there were 3 flashguns.
Somewhere hidden away was an almost unused Panasonic G1 + 14-45.

Since then much has changed:-
I am now shooting and editing video.
I have started as a wedding photographer.
I have returned to event shooting and commissioned work.
(All of the above in partnership with family members)
I have almost entirely changed the gear I use.
I have made many changes to the way I work.
I have made contact with other photographers via flickr and other
sites, which has been rewarding and stimulating.
I have returned to this blog and been both surprised and gratified
that somebody else reads it!

In fact so much has changed, and mostly for the better, I've decided that
2010 is going to be my Year Zero.

To be continued...................