Canon eos 5DmkII 20mm f2.8

8 image multi-stitch panorama with Canon 5DM2 and 20mm f2.8.

Just when you think that you've got things started, turned over a new leaf, made a fresh start etc. etc....... reality steps in and spoils everything.
Went out yesterday with the Canon 5DMkII + 20mm f2.8 Canon lens which I'd previously only used with the Canon 500D. Also took the E-P2 to test the video plus the GH1. Well actually not the GH1 but the G1 which was picked up in error. Knew I should have got different colours. Too many red cameras!
So which had the sharpest pictures, the best colour - yes, the one thats for sale. The G1. Followed by the E-P2.

panasonic lumix G1 20mm f1.7 lens

Panasonic Lumix G1 20mm f1.7 pancake lens

Olympus E-P1 panasonic leica 45mm f2.8 macro lens

Olympus e-p2 leica panasonic 45mm f2.8 macro

Seeing the results from the 5DMkII brought back many of the reasons it doesn't get used for landscape and location work around here. Flat dull, slightly soft pictures with noise in the shadows at 100ISO. Theres going to be some tests done on that camera to find out what its best ISO rating is. Its absolutely brilliant at low light photography - but when it it should be really doing its stuff, at base ISO it captures these really ordinary images. Still has great resolution and the files CAN be turned into something really impressive, but it should be better than this.
It all came back - the fact that I haven't used it since last May for a landscape shoot, the fact that I bought the D3X shortly after buying it. Despite all my good intentions as to why I should be using it more, its going back to its role as the best low light camera I've ever used, plus a really good HD video camera.
So, dodgy strap lugs and all, its back to Panasonic for "SLR" and autofocus work. Ultimately its the images that count & the G-series Panasonics just deliver, time and time again.
In terms of resolutions, my final one is - don't make any more resolutions!!!


All below - taken with Canon 5DMkII
Canon 20mm f2.8 lens.

Canon eos 5DmkII 20mm f2.8

Canon eos 5DmkII 20mm f2.8

Canon eos 5DmkII 20mm f2.8