Novoflex Nikon G > m4/3 adapter

I now have the Novoflex adapter for Nikon to m4/3 with aperture adjustment for lenses without aperture rings, such as the Nikon G series.

Firstly its very well made and very simple to fit.

There is a blue ring close to the camera end that lets you adjust the aperture steplessly.

There's not much travel in it so a fairly small turn can get you from the widest to the smallest aperture quite quickly.

There's also no indication of what aperture you're selecting, so this is very much a process of guesswork and looking at the screen or EVF to judge the depth of field.

However in practice in works very well. I'm using it with a Nikon 55-200MM F4.5-5.6 AF-S VR DX lens and its reasonably easy to use hand held & very easy to use to use on a tripod.

It does of course open up the possibility of all sorts of Nikon and 3rd. party Nikon fit lenses being able to be used with m4/3.

I'm pleased with it - its simpler to use than I thought. Though not cheap.