Pockets - Again!

Got involved in another thread about the pocketability of m4/3 cameras.

"I don't see how the micro 4/3 system fits into the spectrum of photographic situations. It's certainly not pocket-friendly, especially since the lens still sticks out like a sore thumb."
"But in many cases one doesn't want to drag a lot of stuff around a whole day, "just in case". Then it is liberating to to carry a light camera in a pocket, ready to use if something should turn up."
"Have you also considered that with the 20mm pancake lens, the G1's are small enough in size to carry in some large pockets? Yes, I'd agree - I find I can fit my GH1 with 20mm pancake lens attached into my coat pocket.... it's fairly tight, but it's not a coat with unusually large pockets or anything."

I don't know what it is about this that so annoys me. It seems there are people who won't buy certain cameras because they won't fit into a pocket. No matter what the virtues of the camera.
This is coming up again and again in m4/3 forums and indeed in reviews of the cameras.

I don't know about anyone else but I can't really think of a worse place to keep a camera and/or lens. I like to keep mine in a safe place, where it won't get damaged or covered in dust or rub against anything. I did try briefly using one of those camera vests, and put some lenses in the pockets. I ended up banging them against trees and posts, they were very difficult to access and when I returned home they were indeed covered in dust. Plus I wasn't too thrilled about the "lumpy" look of my elegant (not!) attire.

I often photograph in some "kit unfriendly" places. On beaches, in the sea, cliff paths, hill paths. I'm often climbing rocks, scrambling down and up river banks. I like to keep my gear protected and safe from damage. I've photographed in difficult places and yet I still sell on my equipment as "mint" & "as new". My Leica disaster (With my smashed M8 screen) occurred at home.
When I'm out photographing I either hold the camera or keep it in its bag.

It seems however that pocketability is a desirable thing in a camera. If you've read any of this blog you will know that I'm an enthusiast for light, small cameras. However the ability to bury them in a jacket or trouser pocket is not what I'm looking for.