Panoramic Stitching

For the past 3 years or so over 50% of my images submitted to picture libraries have been multi image panoramic stitches.
For many libraries a file size of 48MB + is required. This is to give clients the opportunity to print up to A3. Since there are very few DSLR's that are capable of producing files of that size, files have to be interpolated.
This is something I've never been happy with. It does compromise on image quality and "cons" clients into thinking they are getting something they aren't.
However since its part of my living, I've had to do it.

The improvements to the Photomerge software in Photoshop have offered an alternative. By shooting a picture in sections and then combining them to produce a larger file, interpolation can be eliminated. It also allows me to use cameras that produce high quality but smaller file sizes. My Leica M8 and Panasonic G-series cameras for example. I had a Sigma SD14 a while ago, and while the images were superb, they were very small and didn't interpolate well. This technique allowed me to produce some really high quality, high resolution files from that camera.
Even with good software there's a lot of work needed on the files after stitching. However I find the final images are well worth the trouble.