A few hours of Sun

This has been a miserable November. The weather has been wet, dull and uninspiring. In a year when the autumn colours are very vivid this has been disappointing. However for a few hours yesterday afternoon the clouds parted and I took advantage of this for a trip to Warwick and a walk alongside the River Avon.
The light was clear and bright and with the autumn sun low in the sky, it was one of those days that landscape photographers dream about.
I took my GH1 + 7-14, 20mm & 45-200 lenses. I never cease to be impressed by the (lack of) weight of my m4/3 outfits. All of this packed into a shoulder bag and I carried it around for a few hours without noticing.
I'm not sure I'm ever going back to DSLR's. Photographing is a real pleasure once more. The picture taking is fine with heavier outfits but carrying around a large camera + lenses takes much of the pleasure out of that for me. One of the reasons that I sold my D3X was because I was "forcing" myself to take it out. When you pay that much for a camera, and with the incredible resolution it made no sense to leave it at home. However on many occasions I would finish earlier than I intended as the weight was very tiring. Not so with my Panasonic system.
I'm turning into a real Lumix fanboy. (Boy!) This is an extraordinary system. I've been wondering lately whether to cancel my Leica M9 order, as the results I'm getting with my G-series kit are so good. The 20mm F/1.7 is possibly the best lens I've ever owned. The more I use it, the more I like it. The 7-14 is not far behind. This is definitely the best super-wide I've ever used and its difficult to get it off the camera.
The full-size high-res images that I've posted here jump off the screen at me. Wonderful colours, sharp with a "3-D" quality. I read recently in a lens review that F/6.3 is the "sweet spot" on many of the Lumix lenses, so I decided to stick with that for most of the pictures. The results were impressive & the 7-14 really shone at this aperture. The weather helped as its been stuck at F4 for a while.
I have noticed one thing recently. The acceptance rate for my G-series pictures at some of the more "picky" libraries who market my work is very high. Very close to 100%. This is higher than my DX3, Leica M8 or Canon 5DMkII pictures. This includes libraries for whom I have to interpolate the images up to 48MB.
The M9 still beckons but its pull seems to getting weaker by the day!

panasonic lumix GH1 45-200 zoom

panasonic lumix GH1 + 7-14