Lumix 7-14

After ages of dithering about what super wide lens to get, I decided on the 7-14mm F/4. Not much of a choice really as its really between this & 2 Olympus lenses. Since I've tried the Zuiko 9-18mm & didn't like it much & the Olympus 7-14mm being somewhat chunky! this was always going to be my choice. Especially when you add in the in-camera & software corrections to counter distortion & CA.
I was also unimpressed by some of the samples I had seen of this lens, including raw files.
However on using it for the first time I'm glad I bought it. It really is very good. Its much lighter & smaller than I was expecting - these Lumix m4/3 lenses really are remarkable for this. Its also an excellent performer, sharp from F/4 upwards. Also when "developed" correctly it has remarkably little CA.
My problem when using lenses like this is that they become addictive. Thinking about composition takes second place to playing with the perspective. Still its a lovely lens & enormous fun to use.