GF1 as sports camera!!

Took my GF1 + a couple of manual lenses (Voigtlanders 15mm F/4.5 & 75mm F/2.5) to test out manual focus in the real world. Got more of a test than I was anticipating! Walking round the local lake some sailing dinghys appeared in a race. A pretty fair test of the EVF + my manual focusing skills. Amazingly enough they were all in focus.

So there you are. Throw away the D3 & the fast lenses, all you need is a GF1. (Not!)

I was really pleased with the results & the EVF worked fine - it was useful to keep my eye to it all the time & see the results popping up quickly in the viewfinder. I did focus every shot individually & while it wasn't easy - the 100% success rate proved its possible to use MF & the EVF in quite challenging circumstances.

Now for Formula 1 !!