G - Series wedding (part 2)

Some images taken with the cameras.

Anecdote 1

At one point I was walking around taking some stills with the G1 + 20mm lens + Metz 48 AF-1 flash, when I was approached by a photographer. When he began with "I've been watching you..." I wondered what was coming next. However the conversation was about the Lumix cameras & he was asking me how they performed "in the field" He too was getting pretty fed up with bulky heavy DSLR's & was also looking for alternatives.

Anecdote 2

The second from top picture is taken with a 45-200 zoom at full zoom. (200mm F/5.6 ISO 400 1/13th sec Tripod) This is a 400mm in 35mm terms. The still image was taken from the back of the church and there was no other way to get the shot. As is usually the case, we as photographers were required to respect the ceremony & not go roaming about at will. There's no way that we would ever consider carrying a 400mm lens around for the occasional shot.
This is where the 2x crop factor of m4/3 comes into its own. Its a picture that was very important to the clients & one they asked us to get, if possible.