Cosina Voigtlander SUPER WIDE HELIAR 15mm F4.5 Aspherical II on Panasonic Lumix GH1

Many of the alternative lenses used on m4/3 cameras tend to give standard to telephoto options because of the crop factor.
This tiny little Voigtlander gives a semi-wide (30mm) option. Its very small, very light & gives great depth of field.
In good light I tend to set it on F8 or F11. It almost doesn't need focusing!
At F11 when using the MF enlargement on the GH1 its very difficult to see any change. If I need critical focus I have to stop it down to f/4.5 to check.
Its very useful, obviously, for landscapes & I use it a lot for shooting images for panoramic stitching.
I started with an old S/H silver one but have now bought the newer version with the VM mount.