Poole Harbour with D3X & 55-200 VR DX zoom.

Late evening shots with Nikon D3X fitted with 55-200 VR DX lens.

It may seem perverse to use a DX kit zoom lens with a D3X, but this lens is really to good to miss out on. Its light, has a great zoom range for full frame & has VR included. Being a mid-range telephoto zoom there is less vignetting than on a wide angle zoom. The image quality is excellent and the D3X's sensor shows it to be an excellent lens optically. I used one before on a D300 & D700 & the stronger AA filters on those cameras didn't do it justice.

I use it with the 5x4 crop size selected on the camera. There is still some vignetting but its fixable and still allows me to produce a 58MB file. A very useful lens.