Pentax K7

I've had time to use the K7 now & have one word to sum it up. DULL!
It takes decent pictures, but nothing remarkable. The main problem is the handling & operation.
Its very slow & a buffer that lets you take 5 pictures & then locks up for several seconds is unacceptable in a £1000 DSLR.
I've used Pentax ever since I started serious photography - 26 years ago. I've bought every Pentax DSLR apart from the K20 so I'm pretty disappointed by the K7.
I hate holding it, as its very uncomfortable & it also doesn't look great. To me the grip is too big and the whole camera is too deep. It may suit some people but not me.
I'm so underwhelmed by it I can't actually bring myself to write anymore. Its on ebay at the moment.

In the light of the comments below I went back and tried it again. Using a Sandisk Ultra II 4GB card. With no lens the camera duly fired its 14 frames of .dng files. However when a lens was attached it went back to 5 & then stuttered away.
In the light of what the Canon 500D will do with the same card I don't find this particularly good.
This is just a personal opinion & is not any attempt at a serious review. As I said I've used Pentax for many years from ME supers to 645's to MZ series and some of their superlative lenses including the limiteds, both film & digital. I have nothing against Pentax & was looking forward to the K7.
The speed is not the only issue I have with the camera. The files it produces are OK, but there is either a strong AA filter or some software manipulation of the RAW files which softens some of the detail. I found it very difficult to get a "punchy" image & one that should take advantage of all those pixels.
I normally do a test shooting a section of lawn to see how a camera renders a large area of grass.
The 500D, to my surprise, made a better job of it.
Finally, I really wanted the Pentax to be good, but ultimately we all have to make our own choices. The fact that I don't like it doesn't mean that I don't know what I'm doing, or that I have a faulty camera, it just means that I don't like it. Others, like Andy, may think that its wonderful. Thats fine by me & why I'm happy to publish his comments.
Finally Finally - you flatter me when you say that anything I might say would have any influence whatsoever on Pentax sales of the K7