Pentax K-7 latest

Before the good news, I must say that the Pentax K-7 is the most difficult camera that I have ever had to deal with in terms of setting it up satisfactorily for myself. If my ebay auction had realised another £40 then I wouldn't have it.
Intuitive its not. I have already had the problem with the fps & there are other things lurking away in the menus that improve its performance considerably. However it strikes me that this is the wrong way around. I shouldn't have to be trying to find sections in the manual to "get it up to speed" My D3X was never this complicated. Pentax nearly lost me as a customer for life with the strange way they have the camera set up for default.


I'm a lot happier with it. I bought a battery grip & the handling has improved out of all recognition. I do use grips a lot as I feel they often balance a camera out better. For example its all very well to have small light cameras but most modern high-performance lenses are not light & small & this often negates the advantages of the body.
The Pentax grip made this camera into a joy to use for me. Its now beautifully balanced and I keep wanting to pick it up as it feels almost perfect. One of the reasons for my initial disappointment was the way the camera felt in my hands. My two favourite cameras for handling were both Pentax. An MZ-5 film camera & the *istD.
Its now very quick to use + solid without being overly heavy and I do love the velvet shutter release.
So great news on the handling front.

I'm also getting the image quality better, though this is proving more difficult. To me it underexposes slightly at its default setting, resulting in an increase in noise when adjusting the levels & I still think the anti-aliasing filter is too strong. However with a bit of tweaking and setting up a workflow in Photoshop I can achieve better results than before.

I feel that I should see a significant difference between the prime lenses I am using - 21mm F/3.2, pancake, 35mm F/2.8 macro, 50mm F/1.4 & 70mm F/2.4 and the two WR kit zoom lenses that I have. I am however not seeing much difference at all. The 70mm is the best of all but the 21mm & 35mm are particularly disappointing. When I had my K10, I used 31mm & 77mm limited lenses, which were pretty special. This time around I'm not going to buy those lenses again, particularly since Pentax lens prices have almost doubled here in the UK.

I'm currently getting decent jpgs from the camera & in many ways they are preferable to the raw files - though i'm going to persevere with this.

Next week I'm in Dorset to do some Stock Photography and have a good look at the video.

To be continued........................