Leica M8 - Clent Hills

Yesterday - A fairly steep climb to the top of the Clent Hills. I took the Voigtlander 15mm & 75mm + the Zeiss 28mm.

I'm getting better with the Leica, gradually becoming more familiar with the controls & anticipating what lens I'm going to shoot with.
Its quite difficult to explain why a camera that is so tricky to use is appealing. For me its to do with the satisfaction of knowing that to use it successfully I have to use all my experience & photographic knowledge to get the picture. When I press the shutter theres a satisfying clunk that indicates "objective achieved"
I do realise that this all sounds like pretentious nonsense & that I'm just a camera snob justifying spending lots of money on a "man toy" or piece of "male jewellery". I'm honest enough to admit that there is an element of that, but there is a lot more.
Using it makes me feel like a "real photographer" By that I mean someone who is in charge of the camera & not someone who is controlled by it. I often feel the latter when using one of my technological marvels. (See previous posts!) The Leica is actually pretty simple to use with very few controls & menu options. Using manual focus & manual exposure is actually far less confusing than cameras with auto-everything. Add to this the incredible image quality and the wonderful feel and it all starts to make sense.
I experience a great satisfaction when I take pictures with it & even more so when I look at them on the screen. If I wasn't doing commercial work then I would use the Leica exclusively. It makes me want to get out the door and take photographs with it & thats not something I experience with all my cameras.