Canon 500D

In complete contrast to the K7 - this is a real surprise.
The K7 was bought as I needed a stills/video backup for my 5DM2 - as the GH1 is now in the hands of my partner and nephew Ben.
Since the K7 turned out to be such a disappointment I started looking around at alternatives. I'd seen the 500D but have not had good experiences with this level of Canon cameras.
However I didn't really want to buy another 5DM2 and I could use my existing Canon & Nikon lenses with it.
When it arrived I took it for my usual test spin round the garden. Loaded the files onto the iMac & was prepared to (not be) amazed.
To my surprise I WAS amazed. The images were very good. Sharp with great colour and contrast. A serious trip with 28mm F/1.8, 50mm F/1.8 & 85mm F/1.8 confirmed my initial results.
This camera punches way above its weight. Its fast to operate & works well in my hands - unlike the K7. Its ugly - like most Canons are to my eyes - & its very "plasticky" but it does the job. Canon have come up with a great sensor and haven't crippled it by a strong AA filter or by software noise reduction.
The jpgs are nice too & essential at the higher ISO's, where Canon apply their NR. Done very well I might add. The movie function looked OK but I need to spend more time on that.
All in all a nice (Cheap!) surprise.