Vario-Elmarit-D 14-50/2.8-3.5 ASPH OIS on G1

Just posted a set of pictures taken with a G1 fitted with a Leica/Panasonic Vario-Elmarit-D 14-50/2.8-3.5 ASPH OIS lens at
I've posted these full size.
One of the S/H dealers I buy from in the UK had a Digilux3 with this lens at a very attractive price. I had always wanted one but the price here new in the UK was ridiculous. This was being advertised at a price significantly below the current asking price for the lens alone so I decided to buy it.

The camera is very nice but I was primarily interested in the lens, thinking I would use it on the digilux or my olympus E-420.
I was however somewhat underwhelmed. I'd seen rave reviews of this lens. One user even called it the best DSLR zoom in the world!!!

It was good yes, but nothing special on those two cameras. I was about to consign it to ebay when I decided to try it on my G1. It was not my plan to use it on that camera as theres no autofocus & its very big & heavy for the camera.
When I looked at the resulting images, to say I was impressed, is an understatement. God this thing is sharp. Wide open its just magnificent. This is Nikon 24-70 F/2.8 territory. Theres some barrel distortion but overall its incredibly impressive. As good as my Nikon primes & Voigtlanders.
This teaches me two things -
1) Don't make hasty decisions
2) The sensor on the G1 is really special.

I know it tends to negate the idea of a G1 system being small and light but when I get images this good its going to be an outfit I'm going to use a lot. Together with an Olympus 40-150 zoom I've just bought it should be a nice combination & still WAY lighter than what I'm used to.