GH1 + 14-140 lens

Update - Folder of samples at full resolution at

Received my GH1 + 14-140 yesterday -

A few quick impressions - mainly about the lens.

1) Lens is bigger and heavier than it looks in pictures. A lot more "substantial" than the 14-45.

2) The OIS is incredible. I was able to get sharp images at 140mm & 1/15th. sec.

3) The lens is sharper than many of the samples I have seen.

4) Video is excellent - either full or half HD.

5) The 14-140 gives lovely smooth transitions when moving around shooting video. Both the light & focus seem to change quite slowly but it looks really good, and the lens IS silent.

6) The different aspect ratios is a great idea - much better than cropping an image.

7) High ISO performance for stills is better than the G1.

8) Video works much better in low light than I was expecting. Its not 5DM2 standard but its again better than I thought it would be.

Overall a very positive first impression.

I'm particularly impressed with the lens. I've used 28-200 & 28-300 zooms from Nikon, Canon, Sigma & Tamron & this one is by far the best. The OIS is just incredible. Just a small point but there no zoom creep when pointed straight up or down.

Nikon & Canon please take note!

Am planning a weekend of shooting with it to give it a real test.