The Panasonic Lumix G1

For some years now I have been looking for my personal Holy Grail of cameras. A light camera that has great image quality and "professional" specs.

I've tried dslr's such as Canons 350D & 400D, Nikons D60, an Olympus 420. I've also tried a couple of compacts - a Pentax 750 & a Leica D-Lux 3. All of these proved to be unsatisfactory in one way or another.

I was becoming resigned to the notion that I was going to have to buy a Leica M8. This would give me the image quality that I was looking for but I was concerned about the quirky nature of these cameras e.g. The Viewfinder/frames issues, Manual Focus only, Lack of zoom lenses, extraordinary cost of lenses etc.

I checked out costs & looked around for a second hand model. I had a look at lenses and decided to go with a couple of the cheaper Voigtlanders.

Then I remembered the Panasonic G1 had been recently announced. The micro 4/3 concept looked interesting so I decided to try it before going for the Leica.

A trip to my local Jessops & I bought the kit with the 14-45 lens.
A few days out with the G1 & I realised I had finally found what I was looking for. It was light , small and a delight to use. But most importantly of all it had the quality I was seeking. I was very impressed by the image quality & compared to images I had taken with my D3oo, D700 & D3 was every bit their equal & sometimes better.

No great shakes at higher ISO's but useable. I wanted it for low ISO outdoor work anyway.

A nice surprise.