Test tubes with Canon 5D Mark 2

Last Saturday was an opportunity to try out the video capabilities of the 5DM2. I was shooting for a company specialising in educational software and the brief was to shoot various experiments illustrating chemical reactions in a hired lab.
I was working with the companies science advisor, who was setting up and carrying out the experiments and their designer who was going to be using the footage and images for the companies CD-Roms, Website and for their Flash teaching materials.
Setting up included LOTS OF LIGHT!! We used 4 Tungsten lights positioned as the four corners of a square to get as flat a light as possible. The 5DM2 is very good in low light but I was looking to use the best ISO setting I could get.
There was a lot of repositioning to avoid blinding the presenter. Tungsten lights are very bright and very warm giving out about 1/2 KW each. He was standing in the middle of 2 KW - so he wasn't going to be cold!
I used a Tamron 28-200 zoom on the Canon. The reason for this was purely for convenience. I needed to work fast as some of the experiments were somewhat unpredictable. Often it was necessary to take a reasonably wide shot at the start and then zoom in close to catch the chemical reaction. Changing lenses would have been impossible. I also didn't want to get too close to some of the experiments as their were lots of bottles with crosses and HARMFUL written on them.
Once everything was set up with my trusty black backdrop and a few tests were shot we just worked through the day shooting the various experiments. The short video below is one example.