Fuji X Roundup - Iridient Developer 3 official release - Classic Chrome - 16-55mm 'starburst' sun.
of those people giving rave reviews to the Iridient Reveal sharpening control. And no matter what specific RAW conversions. - Two great new sharpening methods, Iridient Reveal and High Pass, have been added to the already highly regarded sharpening routines. Iridient Reveal in beta form has already
Thinking of upgrading your gear? Don't Bother - buy Iridient Developer instead.
about it before and I am a fan. There is a combination sharpening tool called Iridient Reveal which is
Iridient Developer 3.0 beta 4 - The 'real deal' for Fuji X
the Detail pane.' And boy is Iridient Reveal sharpening good. Superb micro sharpening that gives my methods (High Pass plus "Iridient Reveal" which combines some of the best aspects of a few of my other
Fuji Fujifilm XF 23mm f/1.4 R Lens compared to Leica T 23mm F2 Summicron Asph. Lens - more on raw processing.
output from the sensor and the sharper lens. But identical processing in Iridient Developer reveals that
Leica T (Typ 701)
resolution or the cleanest at high ISO's, all round they are hard to beat. It takes Iridient Developer to reveal just how good they are, but this camera is capable of producing seriously impressive
manufacturers and Adobe are keen to impose on us. It has 'Iridient Reveal' the best sharpening
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